“Cordell & Cordell was the appropriate selection for me when it came to my divorce case. The first moments of meeting [my attorney] in my consultation, it was made clear how Cordell & Cordell were going to handle my expectations as well as their expectation of me. Lisa Karges was a continuous professional representative of my case. I never had to deal with attorneys prior to this, so clearly I was entering uncharted waters. Lisa was regimented, ethical and very effective in meetings between her and I as well as opposing counsel. This is understandably a tough business to be in, and Lisa makes a big difference in people’s lives. It was nice to see the hard work and honest attitude that was displayed, especially with a life-changing event. The same can be said for ... the paralegal on my case. When I had questions, straightforward answers were responded to in a timely manner by either Lisa or [my [paralegal]. Communication was imperative on all our accounts, and everyone is expected to put in work. I was pleased [with] how my case was handled, as well as the outcome.”