“… [My attorney] is a terrific person. I have a Ph.D. in Public Law and spent my life as an educator. I know quality when I see it, and she is superb. I did a lot of online research, and I like that Cordell & Cordell specializes in men’s rights. I think it’s an incredible idea as historically men have had a disadvantage in family law. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. [My attorney] was more than confident, very personable and tough — even on me when I needed it. The legal system has not caught up with the social condition, which continues to change. I am very pleased with Cordell & Cordell, and I jumped at the opportunity to work with Cordell & Cordell again. Originally, I briefly met with a gentleman in the Houston office, and he gave me great advice in the beginning. After moving, my wife and I decided to get a divorce; I went back to Cordell. Cordell & Cordell has a fantastic concept. ”