Cordell & Cordell takes great pride in our emphasis on providing top-tier customer service. Our attorneys are held to a high level of expectations, and strict standards of performance must be maintained. Cordell & Cordell reviews all attorneys periodically to ensure they are living up to these requirements, and our Practice Quality Department provides a constant stream of real-time performance feedback.

Client Care, the customer service division of Cordell & Cordell, regularly conducts interviews with current clients to obtain honest assessments of their attorney’s performance and professional demeanor throughout the course of their representation. This process ensures that any complaints can be resolved as quickly as possible and gives us the flexibility to adjust our services to suit individual client needs.

The continuing effort of Cordell & Cordell to put clients first has led the firm to represent tens of thousands of clients while currently maintaining a 94 percent attorney satisfaction rate based on client-completed surveys. Here are what actual clients from New Mexico had to say about their experience of being represented by a Cordell & Cordell attorney.

Cordell & Cordell Reviews — Albuquerque


“​Excellent service. Very professional and knowledgeable. Achieved every single thing that was needed.”


“​He has been very upfront with me and honest. He explains to me how things are . He sets very realistic expectations about any difficulties that I may face, but he still tries to achieve the things I want no matter how complicated that they are. I really appreciate this service that you are providing by reaching out to the client to follow up on how thing are going.​”


“​I’ve made everything as clear as I can to him regarding what I’m looking for in the case and I trust that he will do all he can for me. I really feel like I know that I have a professional team behind me.”


“​Meagan was outstanding! I’d give her a  10/10! She’s very good at it and knows what she’s doing. I’m really glad I picked your firm to handle my case.”


“​She (Megan) is a really good and well rounded lawyer.”


“I was very pleased with my service. Meagan came in on the tale in of things but handled things very well. Everyone at the firm was very professional and easy to work with.​”

Cordell & Cordell Reviews — Santa Fe