The Cordell & Cordell Commitment to Excellence

Cordell & Cordell’s passionate devotion to providing clients unmatched customer service and top-tier legal representation has largely driven the firm’s success. By placing an emphasis on representing men in the field of family law, Cordell & Cordell attorneys are uniquely qualified to meet the challenges men face while going through divorce and obtaining fair custody of their children. Through continued education in the always-changing field that is domestic litigation, Cordell & Cordell attorneys remain current with any new developments in the law. This allows them to offer clients the most up-to-date advice possible to help them try to achieve their goals throughout the divorce process.

 Putting Clients First

Cordell & Cordell attorneys work to offer the best service possible throughout the course of every client’s case. All members of an attorney’s legal team help to ensure clients fully understand everything that is happening throughout their case, they are kept up to speed with any progress in the proceedings, all calls are returned in a timely manner, that they have access to real-time billing and case notes and that all clients will receive the best possible outcome in their case.

By offering clients a 24/7 method to remain in contact with their attorney, an organized portal with access to all progress regarding their case and current billing status, top men’s divorce information and a 10-point customer service pledge, anyone retaining a Cordell & Cordell attorney can feel reassured their needs will be a top priority.

Cordell Cordell Complaints Resolution

To ensure client needs are being met, Cordell & Cordell’s Client Care Division routinely interviews clients at periodic intervals to obtain an honest evaluation of their lawyer’s performance and professional conduct. This information helps to provide a constant flow of performance feedback that can be used to implement necessary changes before little problems get out of control.

Accurate assessments are extremely important to help Cordell & Cordell meet their client’s needs. All Cordell Cordell complaints should be channeled through Client Care to ensure the issue is addressed and appropriate modifications can be made to the affected process in order to avoid any similar issues from arising in the future.

Holding Attorneys to a Higher Standard

Cordell & Cordell reviews all attorneys twice per year to ensure they are meeting or exceeding the high standards set by the firm’s partners. Each review comes with its own dashboard, records of total satisfied clients and a calculated ratio of satisfied clients. Due to the diligence of Client Care’s interview process, the firm will always know the number of satisfied vs. unsatisfied clients — it is very difficult for an attorney to hide unsatisfactory performance. This creates a greater incentive for attorneys to exceed their requirements, because if standards aren’t met, the partners know about it immediately. By constantly striving to improve service and quality, Cordell & Cordell has created a culture of success that better enables clients to achieve their desired outcome after the dust from their divorce has settled.

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